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Our skills

We work together, we are an integrated team that carries out real estate projects in all phases of their development: feasibility study, architectural concept, optimisation, construction, and management. We have been taking care of every aspect of our job for twenty years and the best solutions in terms of investment were born this way. More intelligence, more efficiency: this is the only way to tackle your complex challenges.

Our team

Professionals who have received solid training acquired both in Switzerland and abroad. Engineers, architects, and technicians specialised in both private and public constructions who are committed to ensuring that projects turn into technological and environmental successes for our clients and partners. Commitment, excellence, and innovation that translate into a talented, multicultural work group where differences are appreciated and welcomed so that everyone can express their full potential.


We are committed to providing our clients with certainty and assistance both in terms of cost and of time management. The processes, tools, technology, and training that we have, allows us to methodically fulfil this mission.
We select suppliers through invited tenders favouring local companies.
We manage and supervise the construction site every week to anticipate critical issues with both designers and construction management.
We collaborate with various local and international architectural firms to develop buildings in line with the surroundings.
Leading real estate agencies provide us with accurate analyses and forecasts on prices, demand and demographics relating to any lot. All major Swiss banks work with us to complete the scenarios provided by these experts.


Studiogest SA is a historic investment and promotion company in the real estate sector located in southern Switzerland. Created in Ticino in 2006, founded by HASSAN who has multiple experiences in the development of real estate transactions. The identity of the company is to create new projects and manage acquired properties all with our signature tailor-made approach.
In the past 20 years the company has increased its skills in the sector by creating important residential and commercial buildings both in Europe and globally. This expansion has created a general contractor company, SG Contract SA, whose core business is global real estate development: from the realisation of the business plan to the supervision of the design phase and the assignments of the contractors, to the quality of the execution, up to delivery.


What we do and how
we do it makes us who we are.


Takes into consideration all parameters relating to the project to make the most of every detail. Analyse and evaluates the possible building surfaces of the land, its positioning, any environmental constraints, this is done together with a team of geologists and geotechnicians who uncover the possible criticalities and therefore minimise any risk margin. Evaluates potential market opportunities and project constraints. Develops different scenarios to optimize your investment choice. Estimates the construction costs.


Is the general contracting company which, presented with an executive real estate project, be it a new development, a renovation, or an extension, offers a global assistance service in real estate management and construction.


Integrates the role of designers and therefore unlike the General Contractor can intervene on the primary stage of the project. Its role also includes finding alternative design or technical solutions to optimise processes and contain costs without reducing the quality and bringing the project to completion, including turnkey delivery, with a view to containing social, environmental and energy impacts.


Once the development is finished and delivered, it takes care of finding potential tenants and of the management and maintenance.


We sell anything from a small apartment to the entire development to private clients, private investors, and institutional investors (banks and investment funds)

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